Region UK

#7 Team Bentley Speed 8 2003Edit

Stock Stats
Drivetrain MR Class R1-938
Weight 2,024lbs Power 615hp
Torque 590lb-ft Displacement 4.0L
Cylinders 8 Gears 6
Type Race Car Body Prototype 1

PRICE: 1,500,000cr

Speed 7.9
Handling 8.4
Acceleration 8.9
Launch 7.6
Braking 8.4

Continental GT 2004Edit

Stock Stats
Drivetrain FA Class C-398
Weight 5,350lbs Power 552hp
Torque 479lb-ft Displacement 6.0L
Cylinders 12 Gears 6
Type Production Body Executive

PRICE: 75,000cr

Speed 7.5
Handling 4.9
Acceleration 5.1
Launch 6.5
Braking 4.6

Continental SupersportsEdit

Stock Stats
Drivetrain Class B-482
Weight Power
Torque Displacement
Cylinders Gears
Type Body

PRICE: 220,000cr

Speed 8.6
Handling 5.1
Acceleration 6.2
Launch 7.8
Braking 5.1

  • Forza series debut
  • DLC - Available as part of the Road & Track Car Pack

Level Discounts Edit

Level 1:Oil & Cooling by Bentley
for use on: Bentley
Level 2:Ignition by Magneti Marelli UK
for use on: Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lotus, McLaren, TVR, and Vauxhall
Level 3:Fuel Systems by Motec UK
for use on:Aston Martin, Bentley, McLaren, and TVR
Level 4:Camshafts by Bentley, Valves by Bentley, and Displacement by Bentley
for use on: Bentley
Level 5:Pistons & Compression by Arias Pistons
for use on: Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover, Peugeot, Renault, and Vauxhall