Here is a list of all the computer controlled opponents you will encounter within Forza 3's Season Play Mode


K. Kato -
J. Kim -
R. Sasaki -
N. Sato -
A. Takahashi -
M. Yoshida -
S. Watanabe -


G. Esposito -Known his hard charging style G.Esposito hasn't seen an opening he didn't take.
J. Evans -Through reflectant to push for an opening, J.Evans has shown the winning touch.
S. Johansson -
P. Muller -Always cool under pressure, Germany's P.Muller is an olito driver.
M. Rossi -This fiery Italian is one of the fastest lappers in the world.
E. Spiers -

  • J.Russo- This Italian driver has a bright future.

M. Weber -


R. Brown -
J. Davis -
O. Jones -
M. Miller -
M. Taylor -
O. Williams -